Saturday, July 13, 2013

Giveaway Winners! SHIELD: ALLIE'S WAR, BOOK TWO Prizes Announced...

Hey, so quickly, since I'm off to the writing/business workshop later today, and determined to swim after sleeping about an hour last night (don't ask, lol) ~ I wanted to make sure I announced the winners of the SHIELD: ALLIE'S WAR, BOOK TWO giveaway on here!

Here are the names that the mysterious machinations of Rafflecopter spat out from its random quirky-ness ~

Gift Pack Winners ~ (includes a paperback book, t-shirt, mug, notebook and magnet, and I threw in digital copies too, of both ROOK and SHIELD)
  1. Bk Walker
    1. Mary Preston
Paperback Book Winners ~ (also will be throwing in ebook copies, because...why not?) 
  1. Bobbye Hope Booth
  2. Shadow Kohler
  3. Holly M. Bryan
Winners of Ebook Copies of SHIELD: ALLIE'S WAR, BOOK TWO ~ (I threw in a copy of ROOK, ALLIE'S WAR BOOK ONE as well, for those readers out there like me who always want to read things in order) ~
  1. Marla Maltais
  2. Kyla Patton
  3. Chrystina Williams
  4. Debra Guyette
  5. Eden Griffin
  6. Courtney Gendreau
  7. cait
  8. Barrie Mac
  9. Elizabeth Hyatt
  10. Natasha Donohoo
As an FYI ~ I sent out emails to everyone on these lists, and the ebooks have been sent to the last 10 winners already. If you didn't hear from me, please let me know via my contact page!

Thanks again so much to everyone for participating, and congratulations to all of the winners listed above...I really hope you enjoy your prizes!